Ella Reilly - Bath Avenue Counselling Centre

Ella Reilly

Ella has a B.A (Hons) in Design from NCAD, a Postgraduate Diploma in The Principles of Art Therapy from Crawford College of Art and Design, and a MA (Hons) in Art Therapy from Crawford College. She is a fully accredited member of IACAT.

Ella’s experience has predominantly focused on children, adolescents and families. She has worked with children going through foster care, struggling with separation in the family, autism and other mental and physical disabilities. Ella also has significant experience with adults in the psychiatric services, dealing with issues such as bipolar disorder, addiction and psychosis.

Ella is particularly interested in working with children using Art Therapy. This is an excellent, non-invasive way of helping children work through their difficulties. Often, children can find it difficult to verbalize their issues. Art Therapy creates a safe and secure environment for them by using the creative process as a way of helping and guiding them through their issues.