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The causes, The symptoms and Tips to manage Depression Depression can make the simplest of tasks seem like a huge mountain to climb. We don’t enjoy the things we used to. We feel lonely among friends and in turn isolate ourselves more.

Adoption Series

When a female adoptee becomes a parent Most of the attention surrounding adoption is given to the adoption triad: the adopted children, adoptive mothers and the birth mothers. Less attention is given to female adoptees that go on to have their own children in time. For some of these women, having their own biological child […]

Living with O.C.D.

These past few days and living with O.C.D., I have taken to counting anything that is static that I happened to pass by mostly as I walked and often as I drove in my car. These past few days, I have had my senses drawn to check patterns and these past few days I have felt […]

The Challenge of Co-Parenting

The Challenge In the last couple of days we came across a recent interview given by Ronan Keating. Normally, celebrity interviews don’t quite catch our attention. When we heard that co-parenting was a topic discussed, our interest was piqued. Bath Avenue Counselling Centre have in the past held courses on the very topic of co-parenting, […]