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The Importance of making your own choices

As an experienced therapist, I have noticed how vital independent decision making is to self-esteem, self-development and successfully achieving life goals. For those first attending therapy, decision making may not be foremost on their mind. The process of making our own decisions allows for a broader view of ourselves and our capacity to take charge […]

9 Tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance

Time management Prioritise your time. If you have a to-do list that is just getting too out of hand, split them into groups. Start with what is crucial and important. Then move onto what’s important but not crucial and so on. Slowly but surely you will chip away at your tasks and won’t feel so […]

Stress in a ‘switched on’ world

Stress in a ‘switched on’ world Stress affects everyone in some shape or form. This is not always a bad thing as some stress can be beneficial. Consider the sportsperson that is stepping onto the field. A certain level of stress elevates their ability to concentrate and react. Even in our general lives, without stress […]

Parenting and Child Development in the Modern Age

Parenting and Child Development can be one of the most wonderful experiences in life. Parenting and Child Development is also one of the greatest challenges. There is a myriad of decisions to be taken, and it is hard to know if we’re making the right ones. The element of surprise also faces us each and […]

Bath Avenue Counselling – An exciting development

Hello and welcome to the Bath Avenue Counselling blog. We are Eamonn Boland and Valerie Kilkenny, founders of the Bath Avenue Counselling Centre. The first part of 2018 has been incredibly exciting for us as we amalgamated our individual practices to form the Bath Avenue Counselling Centre. We have been involved in the industry for […]